With over 45,000 Average Real Estate Agent in Miami and only 5% doing the transactions. We have seen it all. We understand Home Owners need options and We as professionals need to win the Customers Trust. 


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Great personalized service, professional and dynamic. Committed to find what you need rather than push what is in his portfolio (like many realtors I met).
Miami is not an easy market. Picking the right person will make a huge difference. Thanks Alberto, well done."

Francisco V.
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This is not a discount real estate, it's technology real estate. Anyone can charge less, and do nothing. Designing a solution that enables customers experience a better result with the customer needs. Amazon did it. Airbnb did it. We did it.


It’s the best program in real estate for selling your home with a top, full-service agent, MLS exposure, professional photography, and impressive marketing materials, with massive savings at closing. Protecting You! The Owner. 

90 Days Home Sold or It's Free!

One of our goals is to take the stress off the home seller and give you a guarantee. We will work hard to get your home sold in 90 day or less. We set ourselves apart from other real estate agents by being accountable and putting the client first. In other words, we don’t just promise to sell your home, we guarantee it.

Smart Selling Program

Five components in our traditional marketing arsenal. 1. Communication Guarantee, we guarantee a report daily or weekly. 2. Easy Exit Listing; People don’t like being locked into a contract, We don't either. 3. Certified Pre-Owned Home - finding the materials defect that ruin a sell. 4. 89 Point Marketing Plan, showing the aggressive technology behind our plan. 5. Performance Guarantee, we do what we say we are going to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the catch with the $995 Program?

People always asked, “What’s the catch.” We expect this question because the $995 Sold Home Program. is very low for all the value given. There is no catch!

The $995 Sold Home Program is focused on Technology. Designed to protect FSBO and/ or Do It Yourself Home Owners.

What's the 90 Days home Sold or Free?

Our 90 Days or Free Guarantee is as simple as this: we guarantee to sell your home within 90 days or we will sell it for free. If the Owner follow all the plan we set for your home. NO, this program is not for everyone. Most of our home sellers choose to enter into a non-guaranteed listing agreement.

How $995 Home Sold Program works?

There’s a smarter way to sell your home. It has already saved home sellers millions of dollars. But $995 Home Sold Program. is not just a way to save. It's a way to attract more buyers, the key to selling your home faster, at a higher price.

Why don't You show the plan?

We have spent time designing the right program after every seller objections, and money with the most brilliant business coaches. The program is confidential and presented to you the seller. We do not send or give details. Too many Copycat.

Who do, Who is $995 Home Sold Program?

This is not a Broker or a firm. Done by Top Agents that are full service Realtors® affiliated with top local and national real estate firms. We have created a team of the best Realtors® in the neighborhood, to offer this revolutionary program $995 Home Sold Program.

But, What's the cost. The commission?

That's the beauty of the Smart Selling Program. You choose Your service, You choose your strategy and You set the commission with the program. Easy! 1% - 2% - 3%? or $995 :)

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